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🦇CUTE HALLOWEEN OREO BATS🦇 I got so much love from you when I posted my mummy dogs a couple weeks ago so I decided to create one more halloweeny creation, this time a sweet one! I got inspired at Pinterest so won't take credit for this idea. I will also post a Reel video so you can see how easy these were to make 😉 . What will you need? 🎃Oreo THINS 🎃Reese's miniature cups 🎃Sugar icing 🎃Edible sugar eyes . Method: Heat up the Oreos in the microwave for about 15 seconds until the creamy center melts a bit. Separate the two halves of the cookie and cut each in half with a sharp knife creating bat wings. . Unwrap the miniature Reeses. Using some sugar icing stick the Oreo wings on top of the Reeses cup. In the same way using the icing attach the sugar eyes on top of the wings. Easy as that and proper cute! What do you think? 🤪